Apple Vision Pro ‘Spatial Personas’ Beta Coming Today

Vision pro personas jpg

Apple has previewed its upcoming Spatial Personas, coming today in beta for its Vision Pro headset. The company shared a glimpse of what developers and owners can expect in visionOS 1.1.

The Spatial Persona feature lets up to five users interact in a shared virtual space, allowing collaboration for work projects, for example. It will let five people feel like they are all in the same room working together, while weather Vision Pro headsets. Participants can be side-by-side or in a surround arrangement.

With visionOS 1.1, Spatial Personas—which are basically your 3D avatar—new improvements are here. This includes more natural mouth movements, better facial textures for makeup and hair, all to make it seem more real and less video game-like.

Apple let Inverse’s Raymond Wong check out a preview of Spatial Personas. Check out the preview below:

The feature lets users move closer to each other in the virtual world and maintain eye contact. Example activities you can do with others include watching content in the Apple TV app or the company’s Freeform app.

The Spatial Personas look cool, yet also creepy at the same time. For Vision Pro owners, this is an improvement over the initial launch, but the headset still is an expensive first-get Apple device–that’s only available in the U.S. (but might launch in Canada soon).

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