Apple Acquires Swedish Startup AlgoTrim

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Apple has acquired yet another company; this time it went as far as Sweden to close a deal with AlgoTrim, a company developing advanced solutions for mobile devices within the fields of data compression, mobile imaging, and video and computer graphics, reports (via TechCrunch).

The Swedish startup has made its presence known with a patented lossless compression method that optimizes the memory handling and execution performance in mobile devices. Its flagship product is the Code Compression Library, a lossless and proprietary codec for compressing code. AlgoTrim has been focusing on Android devices during the past few years, and its technology is allegedly in around 100 million devices across the globe.

In February of 2013, all of AlgoTrims shares were acquired by the anonymous Delaware-based holding company Wedgwood Industries LCC. But according to solid information revealed to Rapidus, Apple is the real buyer behind the deal.

Anders Holtsberg, head of software development at AlgoTrim, recently moved to Silicon Valley, a mere 15 minute car ride from Apples headquarters in Cupertino. When Rapidus calls him via Apples central switchboard, he confirms that he is now working for Apple but declines to comment any further. Anders Holtsberg, former CEO of AlgoTrim, is also very taciturn.

– I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to comment on anything, he says to Rapidus.

Apple has been busy acquiring companies this year: if we look back over August and July, Apple inked deals with four other companies. In July, it tapped the Toronto-based Locationary, and New York-based HopStop, while in August, acquired Silicon Valley–based chip maker Passif, and Embark.

Update: Apple confirmed the acquisition with the usual statement: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”