Telus to Invest $130 Million in Manitoba Through 2016 to Expand Wireless

In an effort to bring the latest wireless technology to Manitoba, Telus announced today that it will invest $130 million in the region by the end of 2016.

Telus web gif

As Telus Executive Chairman Darren Entwistle highlighted in the press release, the carrier’s network has seen rapid growth over the past ten years, so the investment will bring new wireless technology to even more Manitoba communities over the next three years.

By investing another $130 million in Manitoba, the carrier’s total investment since 2000 will exceed $670 million by the end of 2016.

“Moreover, TELUS has also remitted income, payroll, property, sales and other taxes totalling more than $52.3 million to provincial and municipal governments in Manitoba since 2000. As a good corporate citizen we are helping support important social services for Manitobans across the province,” Entwistle added.

This year, however, Telus’ investment will bring 4G LTE to more Manitoba communities, and the carrier plans to deploy the 700Mhz spectrum purchased in the recent auction.

Canada’s No. 2 carrier recently announced investment plans in multiple areas of the country aiming to bring 4G coverage to “untouched” areas. Also, the wireless player has been found to be the fastest-growing telecom company in Canada, in terms of brand value, by Interbrand Canada.