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iJailbreak: 1.1.3 Firmware Update via WiFi with Installer!

**Looking to protect your iPhone? Get military-grade protection with the InvisibleShield!** Jeez, just when you thought updating your iPhone to 1.1.3 firmware couldn’t get any easier, it gets even better with the recently released, iJailbreak! This 1.1.3 firmware update/jailbreak is possible without a computer, as the entire process takes place online via WiFi! That’s right–you […]

Confirmed: StealthSIM Works with 1.1.3 Update

For those who ordered a StealthSIM from iPhoneTheSolution, or are using a StealthSIM in general, this will be some good news heading your way. I just received an email from iPhoneTheSolution that iPhones on 1.1.2 can safely update to 1.1.3 firmware–using the new 1.1.3 jailbreak by NateTrue (do NOT update via iTunes!). So if you […]

How to Add NES ROMS to Your iPhone

 **Protect your iPhone investment with the military-grade InvisibleShield! Read my review!** So, how is your iPhone experience so far in Canada going? I’m currently with Rogers and I know lots of other friends that have iPhones too. If you want to make your iPhone tricked out with a really cool app, then you should have […]

iPhone 1.1.3 Jailbreak Released!

Nate True, part of the iPhone Dev Team has released the iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak! In order for this 1.1.3 jailbreak to work, you must start with an existing jailbreaked 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 iPhone! This release currently is for Windows users only, with a Mac version coming later. Let’s get into what is involved with this […]

How to Increase Your iPhone Speaker Volume by 100%

One of the problems with the iPhone I find (along with many others) is the less than stellar speaker volume. I know 1.1.1 was supposed to address this issue, and some have tried the 3rd party software route of AudioAmp, but none of those methods have made a significant change. I am going to tell […]

How to Downgrade Firmware 1.1.3 to 1.1.2

If you read my post about the latest release of the 1.1.3 upgrade, then most likely you will hear about people who accidentally upgraded to 1.1.3. I’ve received many emails from people asking about how to downgrade from 1.1.3. Please everyone, be extra careful when updating your iPhone when following an unlock guide. Since the […]

iPhoneTheSolution: StealthSIM Review/Contest!

This is the post that will matter to those still locked on a 1.1.2 iPhone. As I told you before, iPhoneTheSolution sent me a StealthSIM to review. And as I mentioned, after I post about the review I was going to give away the StealthSIM in a contest. That’s right baby, a free StealthSIM, worth […]

The Easiest Way To Transfer Ringtones to Your iPhone (Contest!)

Putting ringtones on your iPhone can be an easy task if you know how to do it. With 1.0.2, it was very easy using iBrickr to transfer ringtones to and from your iPhone. With 1.1.1, a bit more work was involved to get ringtones to your iPhone via SSH. With 1.1.2 it’s also fairly simple […]

The Cheapest StealthSIM Price in the World!

Remember yesterday’s announcement that I will soon be holding a StealthSIM contest/giveaway? Well, the deal gets even sweeter today! I have managed to secure an exclusive coupon for those purchasing a StealthSIM from iPhoneTheSolution! If you enter the coupon code “IPHONECA” during checkout, you will receive $5 off your order! That discount makes ordering the […]

How to Disable Auto-Correction on the iPhone

The iPhone’s keyboard in combination with the touch screen makes for one awesome typing device. However, some people out there might be slightly annoyed when you’re trying to type a word that is not in the iPhone dictionary. That’s when the auto-correct feature kicks in and if you’re blazing away on the keyboard this can […]

StealthSIM: Unlock Your 1.1.2 iPhone TODAY!

How Many of You Are Waiting for the 1.1.2 Unlock? Let me guess–you drove down to the USA, bought your iPhone for $399US, and are patiently waiting for the iPhone Dev Team to come out with their free 1.1.2 firmware software unlock. I can just imagine the hundreds of Canadians out there just scouring the […]

How to: iPhone SIM Card Removal

Believe it or not, the moment I had my iPhone opened and unlocked a week later, at first I wasn’t sure how to remove the SIM card from the iPhone! It is concealed pretty well near the top of the iPhone and one would not know how to remove the iPhone SIM card unless someone […]