How to Add your Vaccine QR Code to Apple Wallet After Updating to iOS 15.1

Apple today released iOS 15.1 for download for iPhone users, along with other software updates for its devices, including macOS Monterey.

If you’ve already added your vaccination QR code to the Apple Health app from your province or territory (click here for full instructions if you haven’t already), and just updated to iOS 15.1 today, here’s how to add your code to Apple Wallet.

Many iPhone users have been patiently waiting for iOS 15.1 to release, so they could add their vaccination QR codes to Apple Wallet. This addition makes for quick and easy retrieval from your iPhone’s lock screen.

It’s really simple to add your vaccination QR code to Apple Wallet. After updating to iOS 15.1, launch the Health app on your iPhone, and you should see a new message at the top that reads, “there is a COVID-19 vaccination in your immunization records. You can add it to Wallet for easy reference.”

Underneath that message, just tap the “Add to Wallet” action in blue font. The next screen will show a summary of your vaccination record about to be added to Wallet. Review it and then tap “Add to Wallet”. You’ll then see a confirmation your vaccination card was added to Wallet.

Vaccine wallet

To view your COVID-19 vaccination card in Apple Wallet, load the app on your iPhone and you’ll see it in the list of cards, below your credit cards and debit cards.

The Vaccination Card will show details such as your name, which vaccines you received and also the dates of each dose. It also says where your vaccination QR code was issued. At the bottom, the QR code is available for you to show at restaurants and beyond.

Vaccine wallet 2

If you’re in Alberta, you’ll need to go get a new vaccination QR code, as the newest ones support Apple Wallet. The same goes for Quebec, as the latter had its QR codes updated for travel.

Along with your vaccination QR code, you’ll also need to show government ID. One easy way to show both is to create a new note inside the Notes app, with screenshots of your vaccination QR code and also your government ID beneath it. This makes for one easy method and can save your bacon if you forget your ID in the car or at home (thanks Szoze!).