Various iPad Pro Refurbs See Price Drop in Canada, 9.7″ Now Starts at $589

Apple has dropped the price of refurbished iPad Pro models, after unleashing new models today which come with a new design, Face ID and support for the new second-generation Apple Pencil.

In November of 2016, Apple charged $679 for the entry Wi-Fi 9.7-inch iPad Pro refurb, but as of today, it is now selling for $589 CAD for the 32GB model.

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These price drops appear to also apply for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro as well, as the entry 64GB Wi-Fi model now sells for $679 CAD, instead of $739 (as of Jan 2018).

Screenshot 2018 10 30 14 22 53

The 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Pro in 10.5-inch also looks to have received a price drop as well, now at $849 (instead of $889).

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Cellular from 2015, 128GB, now sells for $979 CAD. Back in August 2016, they were $1209 CAD in the refurb store.

If you’re able to wait a couple years, that seems to be the best time to buy Apple products, when they hit the refurb store.