Amazon Adds iCloud Calendar Compatibility With Echo Devices

Amazon today has revealed Apple iCloud users can now link their calendar to Echo and Alexa for the first time, meaning users can add new appointments or check their iCloud calendar schedule with voice commands to Alexa.

The update means that users of the Amazon Echo – as well as the Echo Dot and Amazon Tap – can get an instant read-out of what’s on their agenda for the day, by asking “Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?” According to a report from The Verge, there’s also support for adding new appointments, again all by voice.

Setup is straightforward, though it does require pulling out your phone. From the Alexa app, head over to the settings tab. There, you’ll be able to link your iCloud Calendar account with your Alexa account.

Currently, Amazon says, those using Alexa in the US, UK, and Germany will be able to integrate iCloud Calendar. It brings the total number of scheduling services that the virtual agent supports to five, with Apple’s having lagged behind rival systems from Google and Microsoft.

Amazon has yet to launch Alexa in Canada, so we are still on the outside looking in. That could change soon because Google Home is coming to Canada later this year, plus Apple is rumoured to debut a Siri speaker possibly at WWDC. Surely, Amazon will want to be a player in the game, considering its ongoing Prime expansions across Canada.

Those with a Google G Suite account, a regular Google account, an Office 365 commercial account with an Exchange Online mailbox, or an account can pair their calendar up with Amazon’s service.

This iCloud addition follows an ongoing effort to allow Alexa to access major calendar services. Since March, tens of millions of G Suite, Outlook, and Office 365 account users have gained access to add events or check their calendar with Alexa.