Apple Car Said to Use Eye-Tracking Tech and ‘C1’ Chip, Report Says

With Apple set to ramp up efforts on Project Titan, rumours about everything from the release date of the tech giant’s all-electric autonomous vehicle to its battery have been popping up left and right.

According to analyst Colin Barnden’s recent report for EETimes (via MacRumors), the electric vehicle project that made Apple’s stock surge last month could feature eye-tracking technology and a new A12 Bionic-based chip designed specifically to tackle automotive processes.

In his report, Barnden talks about how Apple could create in-cabin AI features for the Apple Car, and speculates about technologies like Seeing Machines’ Occula NPU core for eye-tracking that Apple could license to create a proprietary automotive-grade processor, which Barnden dubs “C1”.

Barnden believes the C1 could be based on the 7nm A12 Bionic, even though the processor has already been succeeded twice over by the A13 and A14, because of its parity with existing automotive chips and how easy it would be to modify it to fit the needs of a car.

The Apple Car is already rumoured to feature LiDAR technology, which could add a lot of depth to onboard AI functions. In addition, reports of Apple developing Autopilot chips for vehicles in conjunction with TSMC are already making the rounds.

The latest rumours suggest that the Apple Car will go into mass production by 2024, with an official launch possibly between 2025 and 2027.