Apple Expands Self Service Repair Program to Europe

Apple today announced that its Self Service Repair program is now available in eight European countries, including the U.K.

The Self Service Repair program gives customers access to all the replacement parts, tools, and repair guides they need to perform repairs on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups, as well as MacBooks with Apple Silicon. From screen to battery replacements, Self Service Repair covers some of the most common repairs your Apple device could need.

The Self Service Repair Store provides access to more than 200 individual parts and tools, as well as repair manuals. The program enables customers who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices the opportunity to complete their own repairs, using the same manuals, parts, and tools as Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Self Service Repair first launched exclusively in the U.S. back in April. While it only supported iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models at the time, Apple expanded it to cover M1 MacBooks in August.

“We believe the best technology for our customers and for the planet is technology that lasts, which is why we design our products to be durable and rarely require maintenance or repair,” said Apple COO Jeff Williams.

“But when a repair is needed, we want customers to have many options for safe, reliable, and secure repair. That’s why we’re excited to launch Self Service Repair in Europe, giving our customers direct access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and manuals.”

To help customers perform their own repairs, Apple offers professional-grade tools. These can be purchased outright or rented for a week for $49 USD (with free shipping). Users can order genuine Apple parts and tools, and access repair manuals, through the Self Service Repair Store.

Apple stresses that the parts available through its Self Service Repair program are identical, both in quality and in price, to the ones available to Apple-authorized repair providers. Due to the latter, there aren’t any significant savings to be had by opting to repair your iPhone or Mac yourself instead of taking it to an authorized professional.

For customers who don’t have any experience working with electronics or aren’t confident with performing their own repairs, Apple still recommends going to a “professional repair provider with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts.”

Apple said that it has almost doubled the number of service locations with access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and training, including more than 4,000 Independent Repair Providers, during the past three years. The company currently has a global network of over 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers with 100,000 active technicians.

According to the company, eight out of 10 Apple customers in Europe are located within 30 minutes of an Apple Authorized Service Provider.