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‘iPhone 8’ Concepts Show Off Wireless Charging, Touch Bar Integration [VIDEO]

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Rumors about the Apple iPhone 8 are starting to escalate as 2017 draws near. Most Apple fans expect the iPhone 8 to be the most innovative smartphone the company has ever produced, with expectations high since iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus retained the same form factor as its previous generation.

One concept commissioned by iDropnews shows off a bezel-free design and wireless charging, similar to what we have seen from Apple Watch, along with a rumoured curved OLED display and integrated Home button into the screen:

IPhone 8 Wireless Charging iDrop News

IPhone 8 Concept Wireless Charging

Apple’s next generation iPhone 8 is rumored to sport a bold new design and would feature an OLED display without a bezel.

Another speculated design includes the integration of a small Touch Bar, the very same technology used in Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models. Check out the video below by YouTube channel Apple designer (via

According to earlier media reports, alongside its usual 4.7- and 5.5-inch smartphone offerings, the company would also unveil a third model that would be priced at a higher side than iPhone 7 and would come with invisible home button, all-glass housing, and wireless charging.

2017 is actually a special year for Apple; it’s the tenth anniversary for the iPhone. Fans expect Apple to make this 10th anniversary a special year and even introduce upgrades to commemorate the success of the first generation iPhone.

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