Alleged iWatch Component Drawings Leaked Ahead of Apple Event

While the blogosphere has been flooded with iPhone 6 leaks, the other device the tech world is waiting for, the iWatch, has been surrounded in mystery: no image leaks, just a handful of information leaks. But today a user has finally leaked the first set of images showing the alleged Apple smartwatch.

Iwatch 02

The anonymous Reddit poster (via 9to5Mac) claims the as yet unreleased Apple device will have a built-in microphone, speaker, and Siri, and sport a flexible, multi-touch screen that will add a new dimension to the user interface.

Iwatch 07

Iwatch 02

Also, the device will be water-resistant up to a depth of 20 metres and be available in two sizes and four colours – a total of 8 models, the leaker claims. The majority of these claims are in line with previous rumours. To corroborate earlier claims, the leaker says the iWatch’s mass production is scheduled to start in January. As we reported earlier, the components are in the EVT stage and need to pass the PVT phase as well.

As you can see below, the images show CAD drawings of several components of the as yet unseen product. One of them suggests they come from Quanta, an Apple supplier.

Since Apple will reportedly unveil the iWatch tomorrow, the authenticity of these devices will be confirmed by the company in just a day.

Update:  A Tech Website notes that the slides shown do match Quanta’s internal slideshow layout.

Iwatch 03

Iwatch 04

Iwatch 05

Iwatch 06