iWatch Concept Based on a Skagen Classic Leather Wrist Watch [PICS]

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 57 39 AM

Designer Stephen Olmstead has published an interesting iWatch concept that actually looks like a regular watch, not some bizarre device from the future.

My main focus here was to create a watch that… well… looks like a watch and not a rectangular screen bolted onto a watch band. Design, Hardware, and Software justification details can be viewed in the high resolution mockup that is attached.

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 56 51 AM

The watch is based on a modified Skagen classic leather wrist watch and features a camera lens in the watch face for FaceTime, a microphone for voice calls, Siri, a low power e-ink display to show the clock, a compass and the possibility to use the watch as a trigger for your iPhone’s camera.

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 57 07 AM

Olmstead also comes up with polyurethane bands in a variety of colours as an accessory.

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 57 26 AM

This concept does look the most ‘real’ out of previous iWatch concepts we’ve seen, such as this futuristic one, this leather strap concept, the Google Maps iWatch, this iPhone 5 chamfer-inspired design or ADR’s iWatch 2. What do you think of Olmstead’s iWatch concept?

[via The Verge]