Netflix Rolling Out Over 100 New User Profile Icons

After several years of the same bland avatars, Netflix is giving its profile front-end something of a facelift.

According to a new press release, the streaming giant is rolling out updated versions of some of its most popular profile icons to date, with added detail and vibrant colors.

More importantly, though, it’s offering some playfully relevant options to choose from: You’ll see characters from Netflix originals, including Stranger Things and Luke Cage, that you can choose to adorn your profile. In total, there are over 100 profile icons that will be available on the Netflix app across devices, TVs, streaming boxes, and the web.

“Profiles are key to creating a highly personalized Netflix experience,” writes Cathy Conk, Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation. “We’re always working to make it easier for our members to connect with stories they’ll love and creating your profile is the first step. If you don’t have one yet, we highly suggest you make one – and personalize it with an icon like Okja, Luke Cage, Crazy Eyes, or another one of your favorite characters to channel you.”

The change isn’t just about Netflix updating a key feature of its app – it’s also no doubt a way for the service to subtly promote its own original programming to users, and help them feel more connected with the shows they do like.

The change, which Netflix said will be rolling out across the service over the next few weeks, is meant as a way to “show your fandom,” but it comes as the service is reining in its limited social aspects. Netflix is removing user reviews of movies and TV shows next month, for example.

Changing your profile icon is easy — all you need to do is tap “Manage Profiles” and click the edit icon on the profile you wish to change. Since anyone can edit anyone else’s profile icon, this also represents an excellent opportunity for some harmless, familial trolling.