Tesla Model Y Deliveries in Canada Still Set for Mid-2020 Despite COVID-19: Report

Despite Tesla’s Fremont, California factory shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company apparently is still on track to deliver the first Model Y vehicles in Canada for mid-2020.

According to Vancouver resident Nick Lewis on Facebook yesterday, his local Tesla advisor called and asked if he would be ready to take his Model Y purchase when the factory goes back online.

“Did anyone else get a call from Tesla? My Advisor called to confirm that when the factory is up and running, I am ready to take possession. They are going through the list one by one to prioritize who is ready to go, and who isn’t quite ready for the car,” explained Lewis, to his local Tesla club. “They are still shooting for mid-2020 but obviously that depends on how this situation unfolds. Hopefully only a couple more months!”

Lewis says he placed his Model Y order last month for a Dual Motor Long Range AWD, which now starts at $75,990 CAD. He says he told his Tesla advisor he was “ready to go when they are.”

Earlier this week, another Tesla Model Y was spotted in the streets of downtown Toronto. The first Model Y deliveries hit the United States in March.

A recent price update for the Model Y in Canada saw prices increase due to the low Canadian dollar (other Tesla models also saw a price bump). Most Canadian Model Y orders are currently in the ‘prepare for delivery’ stage.