Apple Pay Now Accepted at Over 35% Of Retailers Across US


According to Jennifer Bailey, chief of Apple Pay, the in-house mobile payments system is being used and accepted at more than 35% of the retailers all over the United States. Bailey has also predicted massive growth for Apple Pay next year.


According to The Verge‘s report, when Apple Pay launched back in 2014 only 2 percent of merchants in the US accepted the mobile payment system; this has changed significantly in the last two years.

Bailey was speaking at Re/code’s Code Commerce Conference being held in San Francisco, when she said that currently Apple Pay stands at around 35% adoption rate in the country. As 2017 rolls in, however, that will figure rise exponentially. 35 percent adoption means around four million retail locations all over US, but that figure could rise to cover two out of every three retail locations in the near future.

So far, NFC payments and the “dip to pay” method has been the way to go for Apple Pay. But especially after the launch of Apple Pay in Japan and the application of EMV technology, that trend could be shifting.

Bailey has, however, reiterated that EMV is not necessarily the way forward for now, and it is more important right now that a number of partners are supported for mobile payments. “Knocking EMV is not necessarily the way to go,” Bailey says, “I think it’s to increase acceptance and work with great partners.”

While EMV is increasingly becoming a major rival for Apple Pay, the Cupertino company is simply looking to strengthen its foundations so that it can continue its rise in the world of wireless payment methods.

2016 was a huge year for Apple Pay in Canada. We saw big Canadian banks RBC, TD, BMO, CIBC and Scotiabank all adopt Apple Pay in the spring (and ATB), to join American Express. Later on we saw PC Financial, Tangerine get on the Apple Pay train as well. MBNA Canada plans to adopt Apple Pay in “mid-2017”.

Canada’s largest credit card processor, Moneris, said in the spring 25% of their transactions were already through contactless cards or wireless devices, at their 350,000 merchant partner locations.


  • Chrome262

    PC and some of the others don’t have the debt card on it, even though they are pay pass ready. I use my cibc visa debt all the time with the phone its great, since lots of places have tap to pay i can use the phone. Hell the other day i rant to tim’s and forgot my wallet, no problem had my phone.

  • Z S

    Curious to what that number is in Canada. It’s got to be 80% or more… just about everywhere takes debit and/or credit tap. It’s actually pretty uncommon for me to have to take out my wallet anymore… I use my watch almost exclusively.

  • Adam Jefferson

    I just can’t seem to get Apple Pay on the watch to work reliably. I get just as many “Tap not accepted” errors at Apple Pay capable places as I get working Apple Pay transactions. My bank card rarely gives me an error. I’ve pretty much given up on the “pay with your watch” process. I’ll start using the phone to see if it works better – I may have a dud watch.

  • I had an issue with my original Apple Watch with Apple Pay. A restore and re-adding the cards fixed the issue.

  • Adam Jefferson

    I had to do that at one point as the Watch was noting that the cards – which had been working – were suddenly not authorized or something like that. After a restore and re-add, that error went away. But the spotty success rate still lingered at transaction. It’s a real bummer.

  • I hear ya–there’s nothing worse than a failed Apple Pay transaction, especially when there’s a line up behind you.