Apple May Incorporate Haptic Motor Into Bands For Next Apple Watch [REPORT]

Future models of the Apple Watch could get a little bit slimmer if ideas discovered in a new Apple patent ever come to fruition. The patent application in question details a haptic motor that located in the band of the watch instead of the watch itself, which would allow for the device to slim down considerably.


First discovered by AppleInsider, the patent details a smartwatch with a haptic feedback mechanism incorporated to the casing located adjacent to the bottom or one side of the wrist. According to the patent, the smarter casing will help deliver a similar or superior experience in comparison with the existing Taptic Engine in the Apple Watch.

It will come with electromagnetic technology and piezoelectric technology along with electroreactive polymers, which supposedly help the device move along with the main watch chassis. It also shows elements that allow upward and downward motions.


Image courtesy of AppleInsider

The patent also suggests either a wireless or wired connection between the sensor and processor:

The electronic device can be in communication with the one or more haptic devices through a wired and/or wireless connection. In some embodiments, a remote electronic device can be in communication with the electronic device attached to the wearable band and the remote electronic device can activate or deactivate a haptic response in one or more attachment mechanisms associated with the wearable band.


Image courtesy of AppleInsider

In addition to saving space in the device itself, an external motor could markedly improve alerts for users. Since smartwatches are located on a part of the body that is generally in constant motion, it can be easy for a user to miss a haptic alert.

An interesting tidbit is the patent’s June 2016 filing date, which creates speculation that the haptic band idea might be a serious consideration for the next-generation Apple Watch.

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