Apple’s Entire Mac Lineup Said to Include Apple Silicon in 2022: Gurman

In this week’s edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman talks about the Apple Silicon roadmap and says that Apple will “barely hit its two-year timeline” for transitioning the entirety of its Mac lineup to its own processors (via 9to5Mac).

When Apple announced that the Mac lineup would be ditching Intel processors at WWDC 2020, the tech behemoth said it would take two years for a complete transition to its own chips.

The Apple M1-toting MacBook Pro and MacBook Air came out in November of 2020, and that’s when the clock started ticking for Apple. Apple has until November of 2022 to make good on the promise it made at WWDC 2020.

Since the launch of the M1 MacBooks, we’ve also seen a new Mac mini and a 24-inch iMac with the same M1 System-on-a-Chip (SoC) under the hood. Gurman expects Apple to launch new MacBook Pros with next-gen “M1X” processors in the “coming months”, and a new high-end Mac mini “soon after that”.

Gurman says that the iMac will “fully transition by the end of next year”, possibly with a new iteration featuring a larger screen and next-gen Apple Silicon. The rumour mill has also churned out reports of a new MacBook Air with an “M2” processor, slated for release sometime next year.

Apple’s Mac Pro is due for an update as well, but recent reports suggest that the successor will sport Intel’s Ice Lake Xeon W-33XX series of workstation processors as the 20-core and 40-core CPUs Apple has been reportedly working on are simply not ready yet.

Gurman, however, says that a “revamped, smaller Mac Pro with Apple Silicon” is coming “later next year as well.” He expects Apple to stick with the same design language as the current Intel-powered Mac Pro, but cut down the overall size by about half.