Apple Has Foldable iPhone Prototypes in the Works: Report

We already have foldable smartphones from Samsung and Google—but Apple has yet to jump into the game.

Now the latest from the Information says Apple has two prototypes of “iPhones that fold widthwise like a clamshell,” citing unnamed sources, to nobody’s surprise. When will Apple launch a foldable iPhone? The earliest timeline is sometime in 2026. These prototypes could be nixed if they do not meet the company’s high expectations.

We’ve long heard rumours of a foldable iPhone and even iPad. All the rumours on expected launch timelines have been wrong. The problem with foldables are the limited lifespan of hinges and displays, plus they aren’t as water resistant as regular devices. Moving parts wear down over time.

Apple’s rivals are betting on foldable smartphones with Samsung taking 73% share of the global foldables market. We know Apple isn’t the first to enter new market categories—it takes its time to get it right, while also slapping on a premium price (Vision Pro anyone?).

Are you looking forward to a foldable smartphone? Let’s just go back to the days of the Motorola DynaTAC already (Zack Morris approves).

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