CCTS Confirms Public Mobile Complaints Incoming Over Points Program

With Telus-owned Public Mobile set to end its legacy rewards program next month, customers upset with the change have been sending in complaints to the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS).

The CCTS confirmed with iPhone in Canada that it has been seeing complaints related to the new Public Points program since the beginning of March.

“The CCTS can understand the frustration that Canadian consumers are facing, and we’re here to help. The CCTS encourages Public Mobile’s customers who are impacted by this change to try and resolve their issues first with the service provider directly, and if they cannot come to a mutually agreeable resolution, the CCTS may be able to help,” said Mathieu Pierre Dagonas, in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

According to the CCTS, providers must notify customers about any changes to their services and contracts. The CCTS can help with unresolved problems about whether a telecom has followed proper rules when it comes to notifying customers about changes.

While the CCTS can accept complaints about billing errors, contractual disputes, service quality and credit management activities, it reiterated it cannot direct a service provider to change its policy or practices.

The CCTS did not provide a number on how many Public Mobile complaints it has received so far. But when the organization’s bi-annual reports are released, we’ll see just how angry Public Mobile customers are over this rewards program change.

When Public Mobile customers on its legacy points program are automatically shifted over to the newer Public Points program in May, some will end up paying more on their bill, as previous bill credits won’t be worth as much anymore. The company did start doling out up to 240GB in data bonuses (with an expiry date though) to make up for the change.

We previously told you the CCTS was rejecting Public Mobile responses to rewards program complaints, informing the carrier it has to provide a different response, according to the email thread we’ve seen.

The Public Mobile forum thread on the changing of the rewards program to the new points program has reached over 4,200 replies as of writing (there have been allegations some posts by customers are being moderated).

Did you file a complaint with the CCTS over this upcoming Public Mobile change, after first reaching out the the latter? Did you hear back?

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