Apple to Extend MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Repair Program

Last year, a problem arose in which some Retina MacBook Pro owners noticed that the anti-reflective coating on the screen glass would wear off readily, even if cared for properly. Now, according to MacRumors, Apple has extended its repair program for 12-inch MacBooks and Retina display MacBook Pros whose anti-reflective coating is wearing off or delaminating.

Image courtesy of MacRumors

While the replacement program has not yet been publicly announced during the time of writing, MacRumors has confirmed that AppleCare is indeed continuing to handle repairs of the issue internally.

According to the report, Apple’s quality program will extend through October of this year or possibly longer depending on the purchase date of eligible machines.

“Apple will replace Retina displays on eligible models purchased as far back as June 2012 until October 16, 2017, or within three years of the original date of purchase, whichever is longer,” reads the report. “The program was extended to provide affected customers with a longer window of time to get their notebook serviced.”

The anti-reflective coating wearing off or delaminating has resulted from various circumstances, including the pressure of the MacBook keyboard and trackpad on the display when closed, and the use of incorrect third-party cleaning solutions with microfiber cloths. The issue often affects small areas of the screen, but sometimes encompasses the entire display.

If you’ve had this problem with your Retina MacBook Pro, you’ll want to contact Apple and set up a repair. You can also take your MacBook Pro to the Genius Bar at any Apple Store, or bring it to any Apple authorized service centre.