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Rogers Promo: Save $200 Off 128GB iPhone 6 Plus on Month-to-Month Term

Rogers has offered a discount on the highest capacity iPhone 6 Plus if you go month-to-month.


TELUS Unlock Fee Increasing to $50, Matching Rogers and Bell

TELUS has confirmed its unlock fee will increase to $50 next week.

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Koodo Increases the Prices of Lightweight and Heavyweight Plans

Koodo has slightly increased the price of its price plans across the board.


Rogers Says Mobilicity Acquisition, Shaw Spectrum Deal Officially Complete

Rogers has announced the acquisition of Mobilicity has been complete, as all approvals have been granted.


Judge Grants Mobilicity Right to Distribute Funds From Rogers Sale to Creditors

Rogers will transfer some of the purchase price to as a loan to repay Mobilicity’s first and second lien and DIP financing.

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Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition for iPhone Gets Live Streaming TV

Rogers Digital TV customers in Ontario can now stream TV via the company’s updated Anyplace TV app.


Cellphones Debuted in Canada 30 Years Ago on July 1, 1985

Cellphones debuted in Canada with a call between the mayors of Toronto and Montreal on July 1, 1985.


WIND Mobile Focusing on Getting Newer iPhones, Building Network: CEO

WIND Mobile’s CEO has announced the carrier is now focusing its efforts on obtaining the iPhone and expanding its network.


Competition Bureau Approves Rogers-Mobilicity Deal; “Everybody’s a Winner”: WIND CEO

Everybody is a winner, except Telus, Wind Mobile CEO commented on the Rogers-Mobilicity deal.

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Industry Minister: Wireless Spectrum Transfers “Win for Canadian Consumers” [PICS]

Minister James Moore says spectrum transfers between Rogers, Mobilicity, Shaw and WIND will benefit consumers.


TELUS and Bell Have the Best Wireless Network in Vancouver: Rootmetrics

TELUS and Bell have the most reliable wireless network in Vancouver, says RootMetrics.


WIND Mobile: Spectrum from Rogers-Mobilicity Deal to Double Network Capacity

WIND Mobile has announced the new spectrum it will receive from the completed Rogers-Mobilicity deal will benefit customers.