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TELUS iPhone 6s Contract Prices Start at $400, iPhone 6s Plus at $530

TELUS has released their iPhone 6s pricing on two-year terms.

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How to Setup Rogers/Fido Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone in iOS 9 [u]

Here’s how to setup your iPhone with Wi-Fi Calling on Rogers.

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Bell iPhone 6s Contract Pricing Starts at $398.99, iPhone 6s Plus $528.99

Bell has released their iPhone 6s prices on 2-year terms.

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Rogers iPhone 6s Contract Prices Start at $398.99, iPhone 6s Plus $528.99

Rogers has released its iPhone 6s contract pricing.

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Rogers, Fido iPhone 6s Launch Page Confirms Wi-Fi Calling [u]

Rogers and Fido have launched their iPhone 6s landing pages head of the device’s launch later this month.

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TELUS iPhone 6s Pre-Register Page Debuts, Bell Touts Sept. 12 Orders

TELUS has launched an iPhone 6s landing page allowing potential customers to pre-register for the device.


Rogers’ Suretap Mobile Wallet Debuts Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard

Suretap, a mobile wallet developed by Rogers, has announced a new virtual prepaid MasterCard.

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Rogers Promo for Desjardins Members: 2GB Bonus Data Plus 10% Off

If you’re a Desjardins customer, Rogers has a new promo targeting you with some bonus perks.


Rogers and Bell Have the Best Wireless Network in Ottawa: RootMetrics

Rogers and Bell have the best wireless network in Ottawa, says RootMetrics.

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Bell’s Monthly Plans Change to Align with Rogers Share Everything+

Bell has made some changes to its monthly plans to match Rogers’ Share Everything+ Plans.


Videotron Music Service Violates Net Neutrality: Consumer Groups

Videotron’s Unlimited Music program violates the principles of net neutrality, consumer groups say.

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Rogers, TELUS, Bell in Tight Race for Top Wireless in Winnipeg: RootMetrics [u]

Telus, Bell and Rogers locked in a tight race for the top spot in network performance in Winnipeg, according to RootMetrics’ report.