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Virgin Matches Fido with $40/1GB, $50/2GB Promo Plans

Virgin has launched their own promo plans to match Fido’s recent offer of double the data on select plans.


Koodo Promo: $40 Unlimited Canada-Wide with 2GB Data, Quebec-Only

Koodo has a new promo plan targeting customers in Quebec.


SaskTel Invests $2.1M to Improve Wireless Coverage along Highway 18

Sasktel invests $2.1 million to improve coverage along highway 18.


Fido Promo: Double the Data on 500MB and 1GB Plans

If you’re upgrading or signing up with Fido, there’s a double the data promo this weekend.


Catalyst Capital Accuses Former Wind Mobile Owners of Conspiracy, Seeks $750M In Damages

Catalyst Capital accuses former Wind Mobile owners of conspiracy, seeks $750 million in damages.


“Skinny” TV Program Packages Driving Higher Customer Satisfaction: J.D. Power

“Skinny” TV program packages driving higher customers satisfaction, says J.D. Power.


Bell TV for iOS Gets New ‘Trending’ and ‘Continue Enjoying’ Sections

Bell TV for iOS has been updated with various layout updates.


Wireless Carriers Urge Caution Over $48/5GB Plans Bought from Kijiji

Entrepreneurs continue to fill a market demand for cheaper cellphone plans.


Virgin Mobile Launches “Roam Sweet Roam” US Roaming for $5/Day

Virgin Mobile launches “Roam Sweet Roam” US roaming for $5 per day and international roaming for $10 per day.


CRTC to Review “Zero-Rating” Internet Plans

The CRTC will review “zero-rating” internet plans.


Bell Texts OpenMedia Supporter for Feedback, Gets Honest Response [PIC]

Bell has been sending customers text messages asking for feedback, and here’s what one OpenMedia supporter had to say.


7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About iPhone 6s, Explains Rogers [VIDEO]

Rogers wants to share some tips about the iPhone 6s.