Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro Outselling the Competition: Report

Apple’s new 2016 MacBook Pro models have been mired in controversy since being unveiled. Whether it be that the specifications aren’t as good as the competition, or it’s too expensive, or that it didn’t meet expectations, there have been all sorts of complaints regarding the laptop.

However it seems that despite these ‘issues’, Apple’s MacBook Pros are apparently outselling the competition.


According to data collected by e-commerce tracking firm Slice Intelligence, 2016 MacBook Pro revenue for its first five days has hit 78 percent of all the revenue generated by the MacBook 12-inch since it became available in April 2015, and has accumulated more revenue than any other laptop this year.

The data shows that the 2016 MacBook Pro has already wiped the floor with laptops such as Microsoft’s Surface Book, Asus’s Chromebook Flip, and Lenovo’s Yoga 900.

Slice Intelligence also discovered that 40 per cent of Apple laptop owners who purchased a MacBook in 2014 went on to buy their next laptop with another maker, with Dell and Asus being the most popular choice.

While one can’t be completely sure as to the accuracy of the numbers, Apple has confirmed that the new MacBook Pros have received the most online orders than any other laptop the company has released to date.

Reports have also emerged that show that Apple has been aggressively placing orders in their supply chain to meet the demand. It seems as if, despite the grievances that customers might have had initially, Apple’s new laptops are actually off to a pretty good start.

Initial first wave MacBook Pro orders with Touch Bar have seen user credit cards get charged in Canada, a sign shipments could be ready to arrive, soon.