Fido, Koodo and Freedom Give $34 Black Friday Plan More Data

The flanker brands of Rogers, Telus and Bell have been pushing a $34/30GB Black Friday plan, but now on the actual Black Friday (today), this plan has just received more data.

Fido, Koodo and Freedom Mobile have added 10GB of data to the plan, making it $34/40GB, a 33% data bump. As of writing, Virgin Plus has not matched the revised plan yet, but changes should be coming any minute. Public Mobile has not changed its $34/30GB 4G plan to match yet either.

It’s worth pointing out Freedom Mobile’s $34/40GB plan is the only one at 5G data speeds.

Both Koodo and Fido say the $34/40GB plan is after Automatic Payments Discount and is for new activations when customers bring their own phone. The plan includes unlimited calling and messaging in Canada. Koodo of course charges $130/1GB for data overages. Freedom Mobile’s plan is the same but for 24 months with a $5/month credit.

Last year we saw a $45/50GB Black Friday plan with a free iPhone 11 over 24 months. Will we see something similar this year to come?

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