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Fido Promo: $50 Plan with 5GB Data by Mentioning ‘Freedom Mobile’ is Back

Here’s another Fido promo that’s looking to match Freedom Mobile.


Public Mobile Texts Customers to Contact CCTS Over Wireless Service Complaints

TELUS-owned Public Mobile reached out to customers to tell them how to solve unresolved wireless complaints.


(PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 Available at Rogers, Telus, Bell

If you’re looking for a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, you can get one at Rogers, Telus and Bell.


Bell and Rogers Forcing Sports Bars to Pay More or Lose TSN and Sportsnet

Your local sports bar is set to pick up a higher tab for carrying TSN and Sportsnet.


Videotron Launches ‘Chillico’ Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Chillico customers can now converse with a Facebook Messenger chatbot.


Bell Issues Apology for Charging Deceased Man’s Bank Account

Bell apologised for charging deceased man’s bank account.


Bell MTS Officially Launches in Manitoba; Churchill 4G LTE Network Live

BCE has officially completed their acquisition of MTS.


Fido and Virgin Promo: $49/6GB, $56/8GB Plans for Quebec Only

You can now get promo pricing from Fido in Quebec that matches Koodo and Videotron.


Bell Mobility Keeps Charging Deceased Dad’s Bank Account Says Daughter

Bell still charging deceased customer four months after death.


Videotron Q4 2016: Wireless Subscribers Surpass 900,000, Revenue Up 26%

Videotron has more than 900,000 wireless subscribers.


Chatr Promo Plans: $50 for Unlimited Nationwide Calling and 6GB Data

If you’re okay with 3G data speeds, Chatr has some promo plans for you.


Fido Loyalty Offer: $45 BYOD Pulse Plan with 4GB Data

Looks like Fido may sweeten your Pulse Plan if you call in and ask for it.