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Fido Promo Offers 10% Off Select Plans in Quebec

There’s a new promo targeting Fido customers in Quebec.


Sugar Mobile: Why iMessage Does Not Work with Our Numbers

If you’re a Sugar Mobile customer, here’s why iMessage won’t work with your assigned number.


Telus Customers Threaten to Cancel Contracts Over Political Tweet

Telus customers threaten to cancel contracts over political tweet.


CRTC Enforces ‘Big 3’ to Lower Wholesale Internet Rates

CRTC to lower incumbents’ wholesale rates for fibre internet.


Fido’s 20th Anniversary Promo: Get 1GB Data Free, Here’s How

Fido is ready to celebrate 20 years and they want to give you free data to join in.


Rogers Says Nearly 1.5M Customers Contact Annually About Wireless Data Use

Rogers has shared more details about their updated MyRogers app and how it can manage your family’s data.


Bell Launches iHeartRadio in Canada for iOS, Android, Web

iHeartRadio has launched in Canada.


Has Your iPhone 7/7 Plus Pre-Order from Rogers, Bell or Telus Arrived Yet?

Heavy demand and low supply has caused an iPhone 7 backlog for initial pre-orders, including those from the Big 3.


Reddit Overwhelms CRTC Discussion on Banning Differential Data Pricing

Reddit overwhelms CRTC discussion on banning differential data pricing.


The TELUS Rewards CIBC Visa Card is Dead, No Longer Available

TELUS and CIBC have ended the Rewards Visa card, as it’s no longer available.


Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet Launches in St. John’s

Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet is now available in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


TELUS 5G Trials Achieve Wireless Speeds of 29.3 Gbps

TELUS has shared details of its recent 5G wireless network trials.