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Bell’s Monthly Plans Change to Align with Rogers Share Everything+

Bell has made some changes to its monthly plans to match Rogers’ Share Everything+ Plans.


Videotron Music Service Violates Net Neutrality: Consumer Groups

Videotron’s Unlimited Music program violates the principles of net neutrality, consumer groups say.


Rogers, TELUS, Bell in Tight Race for Top Wireless in Winnipeg: RootMetrics [u]

Telus, Bell and Rogers locked in a tight race for the top spot in network performance in Winnipeg, according to RootMetrics’ report.


Rogers Debuts Share Everything+ Plans, with Spotify, Shomi, Next Issue Perks

Rogers has revised their Share Everything Plans, while also added new perks for customers.


Fido Adds $35 Canada-Wide Talk Plan with 1GB Data for Quebec

Fido has joined Koodo and Virgin in offering a $35/1GB plan for Quebec.


Public Mobile SIM Cards Now Available to Order for Free, Beta Stage Ends

The general public can now order a Public Mobile SIM card.


TELUS Sale Discounts All iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Models on Contract

TELUS has price-cut all of their iPhones, including the latest iPhone 6 models.


Rogers Said to Shut Down First Rewards Program [Rumour]

The Rogers First Rewards program is said to shut down after reportedly seeing low participation in the program.


WIND Mobile Adds Data Sharing Option; Reduces WINDTab Subsidy

Wind Mobile adds data sharing option, reduces WindTab subsidy.


Videotron Launches Free Unlimited Music Service that Doesn’t Use your Data Plan

Videotron is the first wireless carrier in Canada to offer free unlimited music streaming.


Videotron Tops ‘Big 3’ in Mobile Network Performance in Quebec City: Study

Tests performed by RootMetrics says Videotron is the top carrier in Quebec City for network performance.


Rogers Renames Some Wireless Plan Categories to Adopt ‘Tab’ Moniker

Rogers now introduces the Premium Tab, Smart Tab and No Tab