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Canadians: Would you Switch to Verizon? [Poll]

Take our unscientific polls regarding Verizon and the wireless spectrum auction.


Bell Survey: Verizon Should Not Be Favoured; Public Poll Favours Switching

Bell and Telus commissioned a survey that shows Canadians would favour local carriers, instead of foreign players; an independent, unscientific survey shows Canadians favour switching.


The Government Did Not Court Verizon, Industry Minister Says

Industry Minister James Moore denied allegations that the federal government courted Verizon to invest in the Canadian wireless market.

rogers idea box.jpg

Rogers Launches ‘Idea Box’ for Customers to Share Ideas and Vote

The Rogers Idea Box aims to hear ideas from customers to implement.


Saskatchewan Premier: Positives in Verizon, Says SaskTel Will “Compete”

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says Verizon would encourage competition and SaskTel would compete.


Ontario Court Confirms Chatr Ads Claiming Fewer Dropped Calls Accurate

Rogers says it is pleased Ontario Court has sided with their claim lower cost brand Chatr does have fewer dropped calls versus rivals.

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CEP Union Calls on Ottawa to Address Verizon’s National Security Concerns

The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) Union says national security will be compromised if Verizon comes to town.


“Fair for Canada” Parody Takes Swipe at Big Three PR Campaign [VIDEO]

A new video posted on YouTube takes a jab at the Fair for Canada PR campaign by incumbents.


Rogers CEO Warns Verizon Auction Win Would Affect Wireless Speeds

If Verizon wins big at the upcoming auction, Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed warns Canadians it’ll cause slower speeds.

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Rogers Launches Trade-Up Program, Includes Apple’s iPhone, iPad

The Rogers Trade-Up program offers credit for your old smartphone or tablet.

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TELUS Launches ‘Canada Play Fair’ Petition Website Against Verizon

A new website from TELUS aims to lobby Ottawa for wireless rules changes.

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Rogers, TELUS and Bell Promo: Up to Double the Data on Select Plans

The Big Three have offered up to double the data promos on select voice and data plans.