Apple Confirms WWDC17 Live Stream at 10AM PDT on June 5th

Apple has confirmed what everybody already expected: its WWDC17 keynote live stream will take place at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT on June 5th. (more…)

Fantastical 2 for Mac OS X Yosemite Launches, On Sale for 20% Off

Fantastical 2 is now available for OS X Yosemite users.


Facebook Launches All New ‘Messenger Platform’ at F8 Conference

Facebook’s new Messenger Platform will allow users to create and share content with third-party tools.


Wear the Apple Watch Right Now with This AR App [VIDEO]

A new augmented-reality app allows you to put a virtual version of the Apple Watch on your wrist.


Eastlink to Buy Out your Cellphone Contract If You Switch Over from the ‘Big 3’

Eastlink wants switchers to come over to their network and they’ll pay you for it.


UK Parliament to Supply All Members with iPad Air 2s and Laptops

UK’s House of Commons has approved a new plan worth $1.5M, that includes supplying each parliament member with an iPad Air 2.


Bell Exec Interfered in News Coverage Over CRTC TalkTV Decision

Bell executive banned CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais from news coverage of the recent TalkTV decisions.


Contest: Enter to Win a New 2015 MacBook in Gold, Silver or Space Grey [Deals]

Do you want to win your own 2015 MacBook? Now’s your chance…


TELUS to Rebrand Koodo Next Month, Bring New Plans and Look

Koodo Mobile is set to undergo a brand overhaul next month.


Confirmed: 2015 MacBook Air Supports 4K Displays at 60Hz

2015 MacBook Air supports 4K displays at 60Hz, confirms Ars Technica.


Apple’s Japanese R&D Facility Slated for 2016

Apple will open its Japanese R&D centre in 2016.


It’s All About The Bass & Comfort With The Performer BT Headphones [Review]

If you’re in the market for some sub $100 bluetooth headphones, you …


Sesame: A Kickstarter Project That Aims to Replace Your Keys With Your iPhone

A new Kickstarter campaign called “Sesame” aims to replace your keys with your iPhone.