Apple Announces 9.7″ iPad Starting at $449 in Canada, Preorders March 24

Looks like the rumours about Apple releasing new products this week came true. The company released a new 9.7-inch iPad today (more…)

Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week — Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game

Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game by UOVO is Apple’s free iOS app of the week.


New GMT Bug in iOS 8 Causing Issues With Time Zones of Synced Calendar Events

iOS 8 users have been reporting and issues with time zones of synced calendar events on Apple’s support forums.


Bell Points Finger at Apple for Not Allowing CraveTV App for Apple TV

Bell says Apple is the roadblock for wanting to get a CraveTV app on Apple TV.


2015 Global 100 ‘Most Sustainable Corporation’ List Names TELUS as Recipient

TELUS has announced it has been named to a list of one of the world’s most sustainable businesses.


RBC VP on Apple Pay in Canada: “Major Interest to the Industry”

RBC VP of Digital, Payments and Cards speaks about Apple Pay.


Mobilicity Seeks Financing to Bid on AWS-3 Spectrum

Struggling Mobilicity is requesting to court for another stay of legal proceedings against it until May 8, with plans to participate on the AWS-3 spectrum auction.


Rogers vs Ontario: Tax Battle Ensues Over $24 Million Private Jet Purchase

Rogers is appealing a $2 million tax assessment on a private jet it purchased 8 years ago.


Apple’s ‘HomeKit’ Home Automation Compatibility Details Revealed

Apple will allow its upcoming HomeKit platform to work with certain existing, non-HomeKit home automation products.

3 for Mac is Now Available for Download in the App Store

Popular to-do app for iOS is now available as a native Mac app.


Statistics Show iOS Users Take 65% More Photos Than Android Users

Personal media startup Magisto has shared some interesting statistics on how we really use our camera phones.


Chester Chipperfield, Burberry’s VP of Digital Retail Joins Apple

Burberry vice president of digital retail joins Apple.


Google’s Security Team Locates Three Severe Vulnerabilities in OS X

Google’s Project Zero security team claims to have found three flaws in Apple’s Mac OS X.