Apple Confirms WWDC17 Live Stream at 10AM PDT on June 5th

Apple has confirmed what everybody already expected: its WWDC17 keynote live stream will take place at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT on June 5th. (more…)

New Apple TV Channels Launch in Canada: TED, Tastemade, Young Hollywood

Apple has added three new channels to the Apple TV today.


Apple Watch Sales Strategy to Focus on Fashion, Styling Advice in Stores

Apple Retail Store employees will be trained to provide personal fashion and styling advice to customers.


Samsung Courting Apple to Supply Front-Facing Camera Sensors [Rumour]

Samsung in talks with Apple to supply CMOS image sensors (CIS) for the next-generation iPhone’s front-facing camera.


Italian Prosecutors Claim Apple Owes $960M in Taxes: Reuters

Apple failed to pay more than $960 million in corporate taxes in Italy, according to Reuters.


Internet, Phone Bills Too High in Canada, at $100-212 Monthly Combined: PIAC

Canadians pay some of the highest Internet and phone bills, according to a consumer study.


Court Denies Bell Right to Keep Mobile TV Pricing During Appeal

Bell can’t keep mobile TV pricing during appeal, judge says.


This Imaginary ‘Day in the Life of an Apple Watch User’ is Quite Convincing

Are you considering Apple Watch? This is what your typical day might look like with the new wearable from Apple.


Last Chance: 3-Year Anonymizer VPN Subscription for 77% Off at $1.53/mo [Deals]

The Anonymizer VPN subscription deal is ending today, so jump on it while you can.


1Password Writes Open Letter to Banks, In Response to Recent TD Canada SNAFU

1Password wants all banks to know it’s easy to integrate their password security into your app


iOS 8.3: Auto Speakerphone Calls via Siri; Easier Free App Downloads

iOS 8.3 has improved the way users make phone calls via Siri, while also including settings to download free apps without a password.


Upcoming ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ Book is the ‘Anti-Walter’ Isaacson Biography

Walter Isaacson’s official Steve Jobs biography is being challenged by the upcoming book.


Koodo Self Serve App 3.0 for iPhone Launches, Brings New Redesign [PICS]

TELUS-owned Koodo has launched a new redesigned version of its self serve iPhone app.