Apple Celebrates 10 Years of iPhone: “We Are Just Getting Started”

January 9th marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone (more…)

Apple is Now Worth More Than The Entire Russian Stock Market

Apple is worth more than the entire Russian stock market, breaking an all-time market cap high.


Uber Has Partnered With True Patriot Love to Bring Canadian Veterans on as Driving Partners

Uber has announced a new initiative in partnership with True Patriot Love called UberFORCES.


This T9 Predictive Text Keyboard for iPhone is a Throwback to the 1990s

Type Nine brings the classic T9 keyboard to your iPhone.


Rovio’s Angry Birds Go! Surpasses 100 Million Downloads, Adds Team Multiplayer

Rove has announced its racing game Angry Birds Go! has passed 100 million downloads.


Dropcam Employees Allegedly Unhappy with Tony Fadell’s Steve Jobs-Like Leadership

Dropcam employees complain because of Tony Fadell’s leadership.


Designer Imagines ‘iPhone 7’ with Edge-to-Edge Full Display, Flush Rear Camera [PICS]

Martin Hajek has imagined what the next iPhone could look like.


WhatsApp Lets Android Users Disable Read Receipts, iOS Users Hope the Same

WhatsApp has now included an option to disable read receipts for Android users.


Aviary Photo Editor’s First Update Under Adobe Brings $200 Worth of Freebies

Adobe has given Aviary its first major update since it acquisition earlier this year.


How Apple’s Ambitious Targets Pushed GT Advanced into Bankruptcy

More details of the Apple–GT Advanced deal surface.


Smartphone Sales Decline Hits Pockets of Samsung Execs

Samsung mobile chief took home less than half in Q3 this year of what he did in the previous quarter.


U.S. FTC Seeks Health Data Protection Assurance from Apple

The FTC is seeking assurances from Apple it will prevent sensitive health data collected by its upcoming smartwatch.


iPhone 6 Reportedly Outsells the 6 Plus in U.S. by 3-to-1 Margin

Latest study shows that the blockbuster sales of Apple’s iPhone 6 lineup are mostly driven by the smaller model.