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Exclusive Aukey Black Friday Deals: iPhone 6s Glass Protector for $7.99 and More

Black Friday starts at the end of this week, but if you want to get shopping today, here are some exclusive deals (more…)


Sony To Release PlayStation 4 App for iOS In November

Sony has announced that a PlayStation 4 companion app for iOS will be released alongside the console in November.


Apple’s US Launch in Numbers: 90% Upgrading from Older Models

About 90% of today’s iPhone 5c/5s buyers are upgrading from an older version of the iPhone, study finds.

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WIND Mobile: $500 Credit for Unlocked iPhone 5s/5c Owners This Weekend

WIND Mobile has unveiled their iPhone 5s/5c promo offering up to $500 credit towards add-ons.


Apple Releases Apple TV 6.0 Software Update With Tons Of New Features

Apple has today released the Apple TV 6.0 software update with tons of new features.

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Future Shop, Best Buy: Get $50 Gift Card/Credit If iPhone 5s Not in Stock

If the iPhone 5s you want is not in stock, Future Shop and Best Buy will give you $50.


Guess Who Made Apple’s Latest & Greatest A7 Processor In iPhone 5S?

Chipworks has discovered in its iPhone 5S teardown who is responsible for manufacturing the A7 SoC in iPhone 5S.


Rogers: iPhone 5s Demand “Overwhelming Availability” of Limited Stock

Rogers and Fido device reservations cannot keep up with iPhone 5s demand and limited stock.

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iOS 7.0.1 For iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Released, Fixes Critical Bugs

Apple has pushed iOS 7.0.1 for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C as on OTA update.


Ballmer Regrets Missing Mobile Phone Opportunity, Bids Farewell to Wall Street

Ballmer has acknowledged that under his leadership, the company was too focused on Windows to realize that iPhone was taking over.


New Details Reveal Verizon’s Serious Offers for Mobilicity, WIND Mobile

Verizon had two proposed deals for smaller wireless carriers: buying Wind Mobile and Mobilicity and launching an MVNO program.

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Hands On: Unboxing the Green iPhone 5c [VIDEO]

Here is our unboxing of the green iPhone 5c by our Kris Meador.


TELUS Says iPhone 5s “Demand is High”, Visit Stores for Best Chances

TELUS stores will offer the best chance to buy or reserve an iPhone 5s of your choice.