Apple Celebrates 10 Years of iPhone: “We Are Just Getting Started”

January 9th marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone (more…)

Watch the iPhone 6 Plus Survive a Wingsuit Drop from Over 7,000 Feet [VIDEO]

The iPhone 6 Plus takes another torture test after being dropped from a wingsuit flight.


iPhone 6 Bend Test vs HTC One M8, Moto X, Nokia Lumia [VIDEO]

A new bend test puts the iPhone 6 against its competitors.


DxOMark: iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Cameras Have Set the Gold Standard, Top Rankings

The well reputed DxOMark Mobile ranking of smartphone cameras is topped by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cameras.


Thumb Extender for iPhone 6 Plus Hits the Market, Costs $15

Japanese gadget maker Thanko has a solution for those struggling to manage the iPhone 6 Plus’ massive display with one hand.


Videotron: Apple’s iPhone Has Helped Contribute to Recent Growth

Videotron is projected to record a 25% increase in wireless revenue.


Apple Statement on iOS 8.0.1: We are “Actively Investigating” Bug Reports

Apple has released a statement on the recent pulled release of iOS 8.0.1.


BlackBerry Unveils the New ‘Passport’ Business Smartphone [Unboxing / Review]

Designed with mobile professionals in mind, the BlackBerry Passport is built to keep users productive.


How to Fix iOS 8.0.1 Errors ‘No Service’ and Broken Touch ID [u]

Here’s how to fix your recent iOS 8.0.1 upgrade errors.

8 Error Messages Leak Upcoming Photos Web App [Screenshots]

It appears that a Photos app is already in development for the iCloud website.


Apple Watch Launch in Time for Valentine’s Day Seen as Unlikely: Report

According to unnamed sources, Apple Watch probably won’t become available by Valentine’s Day.


iOS 8.0.1 Needs a Fix ASAP: Disables Cellular Signals, Touch ID for iPhone 6 Users

Do not install Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 update, as it’s breaking cell functionality for devices and Touch ID for some users.


iOS 8.0.1 Download Now Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [u]

Apple has released iOS 8.0.1 for download.