iPhoneinCanada.ca 2008 Year in Review

Welcome to 2009 everyone! I hope everyone has a prosperous and happy New Year! Now that 2009 has fallen into our laps I thought I’d take the time to have a brief recap of some iPhoneinCanada.ca highlights from 2008! Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

It was hard to believe that back in January of 2008, people were still eagerly waiting for an unlock for 1.1.2 firmware for first gen iPhones. Then, eventually the popular StealthSIM became the unlocking solution of choice. Anybody out there still on 1.x.x firmware??

In February, Apple released a 16GB model of the first gen iPhone. We also saw the release of ZiPhone, the all in one jailbreak/unlock solution that made a lot of people very happy. The end of iPhoneNow.ca finally came and speak of Rogers data plan changes coming in March.

In March we learned a bit more about where YOU were using your iPhones in Canada, plus I wrote an article on how to unlock 1.1.4 with ZiPhone 2.5. We also had a very popular invisibleSHIELD contest. One of my favorite 3rd party apps, MXtube was released via Installer.

In April we saw the release of Fring, a VoIP app for the iPhone, plus the confirmation of the iPhone 3G on Canadian shores by Ted Rogers (RIP).

May was a slower month. We saw the release of iPhone 3G pricing details by Rogers. Vancouver saw the opening of its first Apple store. Opening 13 windows in Safari on the iPhone. June saw the confirmation of the iPhone 3G coming to Canada on July 11th (with a 3 year contract of course). Here was an exclusive hands on preview of iPhone 3G. Data plans are announced by Rogers–which cause revolts on the internet of course. Canadians are outraged, like when Tim Hortons runs out of donuts.

This led us into July, where big media started investigating the Rogers iPhone 3G uproar, like Global TV. Rogers succumbs to pressure and announces 6GB/$30 data plan. Canadians coast to coast prepared for the July 11th iPhone 3G launch–which turned into an nationwide EPIC FAIL (pictures here). I got my grubby paws on an iPhone 3G. Here were my impressions and unboxing pictures. Top 5 iPhone tricks for newbies. X1Zero’s Corner debuts–w00t! How to get better battery life with your iPhone 3G (finally my battery woes solved) PwnageTool released along with WinPwn.

August saw Apple release the 2.0.1 firmware update. ZAGG 20% off coupon announced just for us (install video tutorials here and here)! Rogers/Fido changes their iPhone 3G upgrade policy. I wrote a guide on upgrading from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 via WinPwn, and jailbreaking 2.0.1 on iPhone 3G via WinPwn. QuickPwn is released by the Dev Team. Need some Top sources for Cydia and Installer? Rogers also extended their 6GB data plan and added new ones.

On to September. ZAGG revises their iPhone 3G skin for an even better fit. WinPwn 2.5 Beta is released by the Dev Team. Koi Pond is the top paid iPhone App. Rogers/Fido EPP plans released–get them while you can! Our first hands on with QIK for the iPhone. iPhone 2.1 firmware reviewed and some undocumented features too. Apple recalls the subcompact USB charger adapter. I wrote about how to jailbreak 2.1 firmware on your iPhone 3G with QuickPwn. We all tethered our data plans with PDAnet!

October saw the Top 5 applications via Cydia/Installer and tips on choosing the BEST Rogers iPhone plan. People were able to still get the 6GB/$30 data plan even though it expired. The best iPhone commercial ever. ScoreMobile is released for the sports freaks. I end up buying my first Mac to fully convert to the cult of Apple. Apple sells over 10 million iPhones (big surprise, NOT!) and Rogers sells over 255K iPhones in Q3.

November showed us how to speed up our jailbroken iPhone 3Gs. The Google voice app makes us all giggle like little school girls. A community sources update within Installer freezes my iPhone, and then 2.2 firmware is released (with QuickPwn/PwnageTool shortly after). Millions of Canadians experience missed calls on the Rogers network. Save money with the new Rogers data value packs.

December made people consider traveling to Vietnam for an iPhone 3G unlock. The top iPhone Apps of 2008 are announced by Apple. Another voice app is released, this time by Vlingo. Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre rock my iPhone 3G. Did you get anything from the Top iPhone 3G Accessories Holiday Wishlist? The iPhone 3G unlock date is announced by the Dev Team. We were voted the 3rd best tech site in Vancouver! Top traveling tips with an iPhone, next to the release of yellowsn0w.

Well that took longer than expected and I hope you enjoyed the recap! Let’s hope for some exciting announcements from Apple in 2009. Any predictions on what we might see? Maybe the next generation iPhone to go along with an iPhone Nano? Your guess is as good as mine!

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