iOS 10.3 Download for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Now Available [u]

Apple has just made iOS 10.3 available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (more…)

iPhone 8 Rumoured to Have ‘Water Drop Design’, Resemble Original

Here we go again with news on what the iPhone 8’s design may entail.


Apple Working on AR Features for iPhone: Bloomberg

Apple working on augmented reality features for iPhone, says sources.


Apple Shares Hit Record High, Market Cap Nears Three-Quarters of a Trillion

Apple stock has hit a 52-week high, setting a new record high.


When Will Canada Get Amazon Alexa for iPhone?

If you want Amazon’s Alexa for iOS in Canada, you’ll need to keep waiting.


Apple Paid No Income Tax in New Zealand on Sales Worth $4.2 Billion

Apple paid no income tax in New Zealand on Sales worth $4.2 billion.


Instagram Live Videos Can Now Be Saved to Your iPhone

If you’re into Instagram Live, your videos can now be saved once you’re finished broadcasting.


watchOS 3.2 Beta 7 Out for Developers and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Beta 8

Apple has released new beta versions of watchOS and macOS Sierra for developers.


Scheduled Apple Online Store Downtime Hints New Products May Be Coming

Could we see new Apple Store products coming tomorrow?


Is Apple Intentionally ‘Underpricing’ Products Like Apple Watch and AirPods?

Apple has long been viewed as a “luxury” device maker with high prices; a new report posits that the company is changing its tactics.


Founder of Vivo and Oppo Explains How They Beat Apple in China

The businessman behind two of China’s most successful smartphone brands, Oppo and Vivo, says Apple’s failure to adapt to local competition allowed his brands to overtake the US company in the world’s largest smartphone market last year.


Apple’s Mystery Device is a Door Access System For Apple Park

A manual published by the FCC on Sunday for the mystery device appears to be for a door access system, most likely for use at the company’s new Apple Park.


Law Enforcement in Canada Describes Karim Baratov as ‘Hacker-For-Hire’

Law enforcement in Canada and the United States are describing Karim Baratov as a “hacker-for-hire” and a flight risk.