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Here’s Apple Pay Working at Tim Hortons and Subway in Canada [VIDEO]

As long as you have a US bank-issued credit card that has been approved for Apple Pay, you can setup it up to use in Canada (more…)

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Apple Stores in Canada Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 5

Apple retail stores in Canada have started selling unlocked iPhone 5 units …

unlocked iphone 5 usa.png

Apple.com Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 5 Starting at $649

Canada had factory unlocked iPhone 5 units available for pre-order from the …

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Staples iTunes Card Sale: $30 Multipacks for $24

Staples has a 20% off sale on $30 iTunes Card multipacks, a …


Microsoft Surface Pro Starts at $899 with Half the Battery Life of Surface RT

Earlier today Microsoft announced its pricing for the higher end Surface Pro …

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Kik Messenger Exceeds 30M Users, Currently Adding 100K Users Per Day

Kik Messenger was founded by ex-RIM employee Ted Livingston and has become …

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Koodo Price Matches Fido and Virgin, Lowers $60 Promo Plan to $57

Almost a week ago Koodo introduced new Canada-wide promo plans that included …

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How to Bring Back the Sidebar and Status Bar in iTunes 11

iTunes 11 was released today by Apple as expected. The new look …


Apple’s Free App of the Week: Flick Golf for iPad and iPhone

Apple’s free App of the Week pick this week is Flick Golf …

Samsung Galaxy S III

Advertising Comparison: Samsung vs Apple (and everyone else)

Samsung’s mobile division has recorded tremendous growth over the past few years, …

Apple TV user interface

Apple TV 5.1.1 Software Update Now Available

Right after the release of the eagerly awaited iTunes 11, featuring a …

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Pocket for iOS Updated: Better Integration with Evernote, Twitter and Tweetbot

Pocket for iOS has received an update today to include better integration …


iTunes 11: Redeem Gift Cards Using Your Computer’s Camera

The all new iTunes 11 allows users to redeem their iTunes gift cards …