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App Santa Promo Offers Up to 80% Off Award-Winning iOS Apps for Christmas [LIST]

Realmac Software has teamed up with some of the most popular and award-winning iOS app developers for a Christmas promo again, bringing savings of up to 80% off. (more…)

iPhone name

Court Ruling Denies Apple to Use iPhone Brand Name in Mexico

Apple was defeated in a key legal battle over the iPhone name …

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Angry Birds Star Wars: Obi Wan & Darth Vader [GAMEPLAY VIDEO]

Yesterday, Rovio published another one of those Angry Birds Star Wars teaser …


AnandTech Posts GPU Performance Results For The New 4th Generation iPad [Benchmarks]

The new 4th generation iPad features an A6X SoC which according to Apple, …


Here’s the iPad mini vs Retina iPad Displays Tested Under a Microscope [PICS]

Repair Labs has tested the iPad mini versus other iPad displays under …

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Take On iPad Mini: It’s A Bigger iPod You Cannot Talk On [VIDEO]

When iPhone 5 was launched, Jimmy Kimmel played a hilarious prank, showing the …


Microsoft Testing Smartphone with Component Suppliers Says WSJ

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft continues its new goal to …


Apple Removing Emoji Apps from the App Store as They “Are No Longer Needed”

A couple reports this morning have noted Apple is removing Emoji apps …

Bob Mansfield

Apple Reaffirms Bob Mansfield is a Senior Vice President Like Other Executives

Days after Apple’s announcement created confusion in the tech world and among …


Rogers and CIBC Perform the First Mobile Credit Card Transaction in Canada

Rogers and CIBC have proudly announced they have performed the first mobile …


iPad mini Launches Today with Shorter Line Ups Than Usual

Today marks the official launch of the iPad mini and 4th generation …

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iPad mini Durability Drop Test vs Nexus 7 [Video]

Just like with any other iOS product launch, some of the first …

Apple notice to Samsung

Apple’s First Revised Samsung Notice Appears in Newspapers

The day after UK judges declared Apple’s “apology” on its website was …