Apple Updates 12″ MacBook: New Intel Processors, Longer Battery Life, Rose Gold

Apple today announced that it has updated the 12-inch MacBook (more…)

iTunes Radio NPR.png

NPR to Become First iTunes Radio News Channel

NPR becomes the first news provider on iTunes Radio.

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WSJ: Apple’s iPhone 5c Orders Help Push Pegatron Earnings Up 22%

iPhone 5c orders help push Pegatron earnings up 22%.

iphone 5s battery.jpeg

Apple to Automate iPhone Battery Production Line [Rumour]

Apple said to automate iPhone battery production starting from late 2014.

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Google’s Photowall for Chromecast iOS App Lets Anyone Send Images to your TV

Google has launched a new Photowall for Chromecase iOS app to allow images sent to your TV

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Shuyan The Kung Fu Princess – Learn About Kung Fu [Review]

Shuyan The Kung Fu Princess is not a smooth experience, but definitely a memorable one (in a good way)

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iPad Smart Covers Available for $29 at Select Winners Locations [u]

Some Winners stores have OEM iPad Smart Covers for $29.


Apple in Talks with Comcast for Streaming TV Service: WSJ [u]

The WSJ says Apple and Comcast have had talks about partnering up for a streaming TV service.

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Get 2000 Free Rogers First Reward Points from the Edmonton Oilers

If you’re part of the Rogers First Rewards program, here’s how you can get 2000 free points.

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Koodo: 16GB iPhone 5c Now $500 Outright; Refurb 8GB iPhone 4S for $200

The outright pricing for an iPhone 5c from Koodo is now available for $500 outright.


BlackBerry Slams ‘Typo’ iPhone Keyboard in Court as “Deliberate” Copy

BlackBerry tells U.S. District Judge that Typo’s design is a deliberate copy of the company’s keyboard.

public mobile

Public Mobile Users All Told to Buy New Phones As Telus Network Looms

Public Mobile users must purchase new phones after Telus buyout.


Get Your Own Limited Edition T-Shirt [Deals]

Want to show your support? Check out our new limited print edition t-shirts.