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2015 Canadian Black Friday Apple Deals Roundup

Well, here we go again. It’s yet another day to be a consumer, to spend money (more…)


Touch ID On iPhone 5S Reportedly Accepts More Than Five Fingerprints [VIDEO]

It appears that scanning five fingers instead of one registers all those fingerprints into just one slot on the iPhone 5S.


Over 200M iOS Devices on iOS 7, “Fastest Software Upgrade in History”

Apple has called iOS 7 the fastest software upgrade in history.


iPhone 5s Outsold 5c Globally by 3.7 to 1 [Study]

The iPhone 5s outsold the cheaper iPhone 5c by 3.7 to 1 on a global scale.


Who Is Bidding on Wireless Spectrum?…The List Goes Public [u]

ndustry Canada released its long-awaited list of applicants this morning.

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Enter to Win: WIND Mobile Prize Pack for your Unlocked iPhone 5s/5c

Enter to win 6 months of free service from WIND Mobile and more.

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iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s First Weekend Sales Break All Previous Records

Apple sold 9 million iPhone units during the first weekend.

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Apple Adds New iPhone 5c TV Ads “Greetings” to YouTube [VIDEO]

Apple has shared new TV ads promoting the colourful iPhone 5c.

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Giving a Free iPhone 5s to a Stranger in Downtown Toronto [VIDEO]

YouTube channel UnboxTherapy surprises a complete stranger in Toronto with a free iPhone 5s.

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Apple Uploads Sept. 10 iPhone Keynote to YouTube [VIDEO]

Apple has added its September 10 Special Event to its YouTube channel.

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Gold iPhone 5s Torture Test vs .50 Caliber Rifle [VIDEO]

With every new Apple iPhone release, they always get shot up on YouTube. Here’s the iPhone 5s vs a .50 cal.

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Apple’s Touch ID Bypassed by Fingerprint Image, Fake ‘Gelatin Finger’ [VIDEO]

Two videos show how Apple’s Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 5s can be apparently bypassed.


Apple TV 6.0 Update Has Been Pulled After Reports Of Bricking and Networking Issues

Apple has pulled the latest software update for Apple TV. Reports of bricking and networking issues.