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2015 Canadian Black Friday Apple Deals Roundup

Well, here we go again. It’s yet another day to be a consumer, to spend money (more…)

iphone 5c teardown

iFixit Tears Down the iPhone 5c [VIDEO]

The iFixit team has taken the iPhone 5c apart.


Dear Apple: Users Can’t Delete Podcasts in iTunes 11.1

A bug within iTunes 11.1 does not allow users to delete podcasts.


First Look: Here’s the iPhone 5s Connected to WIND Mobile [PIC]

The iPhone 5s will support AWS bands and work on wireless entrant carriers such as WIND Mobile.


Apple Says iPhone 5s Demand “Incredible”, Stores Sold Out or Limited in Supply

Apple has commented on the unprecedented demand for the iPhone 5s.

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Apple Gold iPhone 5s Production Increased by 33%

Apple has asked its suppliers to increase production of the gold-colored iPhone 5S by an additional 33%.


Apple to Use Multipath TCP Networking in iOS 7

iOS 7 seems to be the first large scale commercial deployment of Multipath TCP.

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Bell iPhone 5s Orders Live, Requires Minimum $70 Monthly Plan

You can now order your iPhone 5s from Bell online.

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Rogers, Fido iPhone 5s Online Device Reservations Now Live

Rogers and Fido ‘Device Registrations’ for the iPhone 5s are now available.

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First Look: iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c Drop Test [VIDEO]

Who wins in a drop test that pits the iPhone 5s versus the iPhone 5c?


TELUS iPhone 5s Pricing Revealed on 2-Year Terms

TELUS has launched its iPhone 5s two-year pricing to go along with iPhone 5c sales.

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Apple Launches iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Sales in Canada

Apple has launched its first iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales in Canada.

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Gold iPhone 5s Sold Out Online in Less Than 10 Minutes in Canada

Initial gold iPhone 5s pre-orders have sold out in Canada.