Apple Celebrates 10 Years of iPhone: “We Are Just Getting Started”

January 9th marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone (more…)

Apple to 2-Step Security Users: 3rd-Party iCloud Access to Require App-Specific Passwords Oct. 9

Apple has reminded users starting tomorrow app-specific passwords will be required for iCloud.


CRTC to TELUS: Wireless Code Applies to Corporate and Employee Plans

The CTRC has issued a response clarifying the question in the application submitted by Telus.


Apple’s Head of iTunes Europe: “iTunes Festival is for the Fans”

Jim Dalrymple had a chance to interview Apple’s head of iTunes Europe, Oliver Schusser.


New Video Shows Off Alleged iPad Air 2 with Touch ID [WATCH]

A new video seemingly details what appears to be the iPad Air 2.


Loyalty Card Digitizer ‘Stocard’ Gets Touch ID Support, Notification Centre Widget

If you’re a frequent user of Stocard, you can now protect your account with Touch ID.


IDC: Apple Pay Launch in Canada Expected for 2015

Apple Pay will reportedly launch in Canada next year.


TELUS Network Experience iOS App Gets 2.0 Update

The TELUS Network Experience app has received an update to enable faster reporting of network issues.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Suffers from “Bendgate”, Like the iPhone 6 Plus [VIDEO]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 faces a bend test like the iPhone 6 Plus.


Rogers GameCentre LIVE Access Found Inside Latest NHL for iOS App [u]

Looking for the GameCentre app? Access is now within the NHL iOS app.


Microsoft Simplifies Photo Sharing With All New “Xim” Mobile App [VIDEO]

Microsoft Xim is launching today as an app to simplify mobile photo sharing.


Surface Your Past and Upcoming Bills with New Google iOS App

Google has updated its iOS and Android apps with support for surfacing past and upcoming bills.


More Apple Pay Setup Screens Revealed in iOS 8.1 Beta 2 [PICS]

As iOS 8.1 is expected to be released soon, it contains hidden images detailing the setup of Apple Pay.