Apple Announces 9.7″ iPad Starting at $449 in Canada, Preorders March 24

Looks like the rumours about Apple releasing new products this week came true. The company released a new 9.7-inch iPad today (more…)

Steve Jobs in Never Before Seen Video Testimony: Music Labels Required DRM

Video was played of a 2011 deposition by Steve Jobs at the iPod antitrust trial.


Apple TV on Sale for $20 Off at Staples for $89, Today Only

If you’re looking for a new Apple TV, Staples has a one-day sale right now.


IGN Free Game of the Month: Kingdom Rush Frontiers for iPhone, iPad ($7.99)

Kingdom Rush for iPhone and iPad is currently free via IGN’s monthly iOS promo.


Apple Pay Accounted for 5% of U.S. NFC Payments on Black Friday: Report

Apple Pay was used by 5% of all US-based iPhone 6 owners.


iPod Lawsuit Losing Steam: One Plaintiff Remains, Device Purchase Date Questioned

A class-action lawsuit against Apple looks to be losing its momentum.


Canadian National Institute For The Blind: iPhone Apps Help Regain Independence

iPhone apps help people with vision loss become independent.


Rogers Matches Telus and Bell, All Have the Same $40 BYOD Monthly Rate Now

Rogers has lowered its BYOD pricing to $40 per month, matching Telus and Bell.


TD Bank Said to Support Apple Pay in the US, Canadian Talks Fast-Tracked

TD Bank is said to support Apple Pay starting December 18 in the US.


Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman Releases an App Called ‘Yo, Bitch’

Aaron Paul has just released an app based on his catchphrase from the Breaking Bad TV series.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Slams Tim Cook and Apple

Mark Zuckerberg has slammed Tim Cook by saying he is not in alignment with its customers.


These Ugly Christmas Sweaters Animate With an iPhone App [VIDEO]

Digital Dudz has taken their bad taste Christmas knitwear to a whole new level .


Check Out the White House Christmas Decorations Shot With an iPhone 6

Photographer Brooks Kraft has shot this year’s White House Christmas decorations with an iPhone 6.