Apple Updates 12″ MacBook: New Intel Processors, Longer Battery Life, Rose Gold

Apple today announced that it has updated the 12-inch MacBook (more…)


Judge Rejects Apple’s Request for Permanent US Ban on Samsung Products

Apple loses renewed bid for Samsung product ban.

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Apple in the Hot Seat for Moving $8.9 Billion in Australian Profit to Ireland

Documents reveal how Apple shifted roughly $9 billion in profits from Australia to Ireland.

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Weak Demand for iPhone 5c Leaves 3 Million Inventory [Digitimes]

Apple has an unsold inventory of 3 million iPhone 5c units.

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Toronto Developer of Hit ‘Mega Jump’ Believes App Store Gold Rush is Over

One prominent app developer says it’s getting harder to make hits in the App Store.

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Vonage Mobile for iOS Adds Call Waiting Plus Other Incoming Call Options

Vonage Mobile for iOS has added call waiting plus other options to handle incoming calls.


Oscar Mayer Launches Bacon-Scented Alarm Clock App For iPhone

A new alarm clock app for iOS will wake you up to the smell of bacon.


Apple’s CarPlay Raises Concerns Among Automotive Safety Experts

Automotive safety experts have started to question driver’s safety when using Apple’s CarPlay.

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Bell’s Voice & Data Plus Plan with 500MB Increases to $75 Per Month

Bell has increased its nationwide Voice & Data Plus 70 plan to $75 per month.

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CIRP: Apple’s Average Selling Prices Moved Up Last Quarter in the U.S.

Apple increased its average selling price in the US during the past quarter.

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This 1981 DeLorean’s Custom In-Dash iPad mini Looks Absolutely Incredible [VIDEO]

Who needs CarPlay when you can have a custom in-dash iPad mini inside your DeLorean?


Apple Said to Bring Full-Screen iAds to iPhone and iPad

Apple is rumoured to bring TV-like ads to iPhone and iPad.

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Canadian Sealers Association: Anti-Seal Hunt App Contains “Lies and Deceit”

The CSA says a new anti-seal hunt app contains lies and deceit.