Apple Confirms WWDC17 Live Stream at 10AM PDT on June 5th

Apple has confirmed what everybody already expected: its WWDC17 keynote live stream will take place at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT on June 5th. (more…)

Koodo’s $45/month Plan Gets Data Bump to 750MB for Quebec

Koodo has made a slight change to their $45 wireless plan for Quebec users.


Hidden Lightning Port Found on Apple Watch, Will Only Be Used For Internal Development

The Apple Watch has a hidden Lightning port inside one of the channels where the watch band slips into place.


MyBell Mobile Updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Views Improved [u]

Bell has updated their MyBell iPhone app to support Apple’s newest iPhones.


Apple Projected to Take Lion’s Share of Smartwatch Shipments in 2015

Apple is expected to sell 15.4 million Apple Watch units in calendar 2015.


Here are 9 Cool Mac OS X Tricks You’ll Love to Use

Check out this sweet collection of Mac OS X tricks you’ll love to use.


Rogers Launches ‘Ignite’ Unlimited Home Internet, Up to 250Mbps Down

Rogers Ignite is the company’s latest home internet offering with unlimited usage.


No Beats-Based Apple Music Streaming Service at March Event [Report]

Apple reportedly won’t unveil any new Beats-based music streaming service at its “Spring Forward” event.


Apple Emails Aperture Customers of Upcoming Removal from Mac App Store

Apple has informed customers Aperture will soon make way for the new Photos app in OS X.


Patent Reveals a New Apple Invention for Waterproofing iOS Devices

A new patent application from Apple covers the use of hydrophobic conformal coatings for waterproofing iOS devices.


Apple Watch May Include Option for Customized Engraving [Rumour]

Will Apple Watch allow for customized engraving, like we’ve seen on iPods?


Mobilicity Reportedly Loses Funding for AWS-3 Spectrum Auction

Mobilicity may have lost funding for auction before deadline, claims the Financial Post.


Microsoft Launches Free Office 2016 Mac Preview for OS X Yosemite Users

Microsoft has announced Office 2016 for Mac is now available for free as a preview.