Tangerine Adds Debit Card Support for Apple Pay

Tangerine this morning has launched client card support for Apple Pay (more…)

Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Earbuds Leak, Look Exactly Like Apple EarPods [PICS]

Samsung’s latest Galaxy earbuds have apparently leaked, indicating a design like Apple’s EarPods.


Here’s How Apple Lost $533 Million to a Patent Troll

Apple apparently lost the battle as it focused on everything but the issue at hand.


Rumour: iOS 8.2 Release Coming Next Week Followed by iOS 8.3

A rumour cites iOS 8.2 will hit the general public as early as next week.


Carl Icahn: I Can’t Wait to Drive an Apple Car [VIDEO]

The billionaire investor seems pretty excited about Apple’s upcoming products, including the rumoured Apple car.


Rogers VP Calls for Canadian Government to Shutdown VPNs, Enforce Copyright

According to a Rogers executive, the Federal government should be shutting down VPNs.


Swiss Smartwatches Debut Ahead of Apple Watch Launch

Swiss manufacturers show off the first set of smart watches ahead of Apple Watch launch.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks Apple Watch and More

Tim Cook visited Apple’s iconic British store located in London.


Ericsson Sues Apple for Patent Infringement after Breakdown in Negotiations

Ericsson files lawsuit against Apple over patent infringement.


Shoppers Drug Mart Promo: Spend $50, Get a Free $10 iTunes Card

If you’re looking for an iTunes card promo, Shoppers Drug Mart has one starting this weekend.


Apple Opens ‘iWork for iCloud’ to Everyone, No Apple Device Required

Apple’s iCloud website has been updated to make its iWork productivity suite accessible to all users, even if the user doesn’t own an Apple device.


Apple Watch Launch Date Reportedly Set For Early April

Apple will reportedly release the Apple Watch towards the beginning of April in the United States.


CRTC Wants Telecoms to Notify Communities Before Last Payphones are Removed

Despite dropping rates of payphone use, the CRTC wants telecoms to alert communities before payphones are removed.