FCC Leaks Apple’s Unreleased iBeacon Hardware in User Manual

The user manual indicates that this iBeacon hardware was actually meant for developers.


Canadians Spend 53% of their Time Online Using Smartphones and Tablets

New report shows Canadians aged over 18 spent 53% of their time online accessing the internet through a mobile device.


Vietnamese Man Smashes iPads in Bristol Apple Store to Get Arrested

A homesick Vietnamese man goes on an iPad-smashing rampage in Bristol Apple Store.


iDict Hacking Tool for iCloud Claims to Bypass Apple’s Brute-Force Protections

A hacker has released a tool, called “iDict,” which attempts a dictionary attack on Apple’s iCloud service.


Apple Store iOS App Freebie: Waterlogue by Tinrocket

Waterlogue by Tinrocket (normally $2.99) is currently available as a free download via the Apple Store app.


Apple’s Photos App on iCloud.com Has Mysteriously Disappeared [u]

Apple’s Photos app has mysteriously disappeared from its iCloud site.


Apple Stores in Japan Kick Off ‘Lucky Bag’ Sales

Apple retail store locations across Japan have begun sales of the Fukubukuro.


The UI/UX Designer Bundle Offers 34+ Hours of Training for 95% Off [Deals]

If you’re looking to take your design to the next level, check out this Design Bundle in our Deals Store.


Send a ‘Happy New Year’ Selfie with Facebook’s Messenger iOS App [PIC]

Facebook’s Messenger app has a temporary feature to allow for 2015 holiday selfies.


Richmond Addiction Services Reports Growth in ‘Digital Addictions’

Digital addiction is a condition when users just can’t separate themselves from a smartphone, computer or gaming device.


Did You Gift or Receive a Selfie Stick for the Holidays? [POLL]

Selfie sticks have surged in popularity, especially over Christmas.


Hamilton Man Gets Teeth Knocked Out as Thieves Steal His iPhone

Thieves assaulted a Hamilton man and then stole his iPhone.