Apple Announces WWDC 2017: June 5-9 in San Jose

Apple has announced this morning WWDC will take place June 5-9 this year, (more…)

Roam Mobility to Give Away 33% Bonus 4G LTE Data to “Make It Right”

Roam Mobility has declared it wants to “make it right” with customers and will give away bonus data.


iOS 8.1 Reportedly Confirmed to Feature Apple Pay

Sources are claiming that iOS 8.1 will include Apple’s all new mobile payment system.


Top Fashion Brands Designing Bigger Pocket Jeans for iPhone 6 Plus

Brands like Levi’s are looking at re-engineering their jeans around bigger iPhones.


iPhone 6 and A8’s Processing Power Extend iOS’s Gaming Lead over Google Play

Apple’s new Metal API and 64-bit Application Processors further extend iOS’s gaming lead over Android’s Google Play.


iPhone 5C Helped Apple Maintain Sales Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch

Apple’s share of the smartphone sales in the three months to August remained stable and fell just 0.4% year on year.


Tweetbot 3.5 for iPhone Update: Support for iPhone 6, 1Password, Interactive Notifications

Tweetbot 3 has been updated for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Wunderlist Update Adds Dropbox Integration Across All Platforms

Wunderlist users now have access to Dropbox.


TSMC and ARM’s Next-Gen 64-Bit 16nm Processor Looks Apple-Worthy

TSMC and ARM announce a new 16nm chip that Apple could adopt for next generation iDevices.


How iOS 8’s Time-Lapse Feature Works Efficiently to Not Fill Up your iPhone

Curious to know how time-lapse works in iOS 8?


Tweaked Apple Watch Video Shows Smaller Screen, UI Changes [PICS]

Apple updates Apple Watch video with hardware and UI element tweaks.


Jony Ive: Apple Watch Has Been in the Works for Three Years

Vogue published an interview with Jony Ive.


Chinese iOS Trojan Targets Jailbroken iPhones Used by Hong Kong Protesters

A new trojan has been discovered, targeting jailbroken iOS users in Hong Kong.