Apple Wants Chinese Messaging Apps to Disable ‘Tip’ Functions

Apple is reportedly seeking a cut of the tips sent in a few Chinese instant messaging applications, calling the feature a form of in-app payment.


Compared: Siri vs Google Assistant on iPhone [VIDEO]

Here’s a video detailing Siri vs Google in various search queries.


Source Code for Various Panic Apps Stolen via HandBrake Malware

The source code behind various Panic apps were stolen via the HandBrake malware.


Police in British Columbia are Using Interesting Methods to Catch Distracted Drivers

Drivers in British Columbia are seeing tougher distracted driving laws.


HSBC Canada Apple Pay Support for Mastercards Coming Says Apple

According to Apple, HSBC Canada will support Apple Pay soon.


How to: Download Google Assistant for iPhone in Canada

Here’s how to download Google Assistant on your iPhone right now.


Google Photos Adds New Ways to Share for its 500 Million Users

Google has announced new share features for Google Photos.


Alleged ‘iPhone 8’ Mockup Featuring Apple’s Final Design Emerges [PICS]

Photos of an iPhone 8 mockup believed to feature Apple’s final design have hit the web.


Tangerine to Support Apple Pay for Interac Debit Cards Soon, According to Apple [u]

Interac debit card support for Apple Pay from Tangerine? Say it aint’ so.


An Inside Look at Apple’s iOS Developer Academy in Naples, Italy

The academy is providing 200 students with practical skills and experience to help turn their app ideas into reality.


Google Home in Canada Official Release Date: Later in 2017

Google Home is finally coming to Canada.


Steve Jobs Approached Jeff Goldblum to be the Voice of Apple

Goldblum has revealed in an interview that Steve Jobs wanted him to be the voice of Apple’s Siri voice assistant.