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What’s New in iOS 9.3 Beta [Round Up]

Apple released the first beta of iOS 9.3 today, and it's a doozy. (more…)


Apple Abandons OS X Mavericks Trademark in Canada

According to a filing on the CIPO website, Apple has abandoned its OS X Mavericks trademark in our country.


Apple Supplier Work-Hour Compliance Falls Further to 87% in September

Apple supplier work-hour compliance dropped to 87% due to product launches.

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Future Shop, Best Buy Opening at 8AM on Nov. 1 for iPad Air Launch

Future Shop and Best Buy will launch iPad Air sales at 8AM on November 1, 2013.


Apple to Developers: Avoid Gold iPhone 5s in Marketing Materials

Apple doesn’t list the gold iPhone 5s as an approved colour for marketing materials.

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Retina iPad mini Launch Date: Nov. 21 According to Target USA Website?

Could the Retina iPad mini launch on November 21?


Telus Local and Mobile Calls from Sunshine Coast to Metro Vancouver Now Free

Telus has eliminated long distance from the Sunshine Coast to Metro Vancouver.

Asymco apple retail store data

Apple Retail Stores Traffic Tops 395 Million Visitors in One Year

Apple Retail Stores worldwide topped 395 million visitors.


Apple to Work on New Retina MacBook Pro Unresponsive Keyboard/Trackpad Issue

Apple says it is aware of the keyboard and trackpad issue, fix is coming.


Have You Received Your Rogers 1 Day Network Outage Credit?

Customers have started to receive credits from Rogers for an earlier coast to coast cell network outage.

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SnapSaves Lets Canadians Redeem Coupons For Cash Back on iPhone [Review]

SnapSaves won’t replace your pile of paper coupons, but it will add dollars to your bank account.


Women Are After the Silver iPhone 5s, Men Prefer the White iPhone 5c

Women prefer the silver iPhone 5s, while man are after the white or blue iPhone 5c.


Apple’s 33.8 M iPhones Earned More Than Samsung, LG, Nokia’s Mobile Shipments Combined

Apple’s sale of “just” 33.8 million iPhones earned the company more than Samsung’s entire mobile unit, plus the mobile phone hardware divisions of LG, Nokia, Huawei, Lenovo and Motorola.