Coast Capital Savings Launches Apple Pay for Debit and Credit [u]

Coast Capital Savings has launched Apple Pay for debit and credit card users, making it the first credit union in Canada (more…)

iOS, OS X Keychain Flaw Exposes Data from Millions of Devices

Six researchers discovered a serious security flaw in iOS and OS X.


Apple Watch In-Store Sales Launch in Canada, Reservation Required [u]

Apple kicks off in-store sales of the Apple Watch, reservation required.


Apple Watch Sport Screen Isn’t As Durable As I Thought [VIDEO]

As the Apple Watch starts going on sale in Apple retail stores, …


RBC: 72% of Canadians Admit to Distracted Driving, 90% Notice Other Distracted Drivers

72 percent of Canadians have admitted to distracted driving and 90 percent have noticed other distracted drivers.


Developers Were Able to Run NES Emulator on Apple’s watchOS 2

Apple iOS developers used Apple’s new developer tools and the watchOS 2 SDK to build native applications for the Apple Watch.


Soylent Now Shipping to Canada–Never Eat Real Food Ever Again

If you don’t have time to eat or prepare meals, just drink it in the form of Soylent.


Apple Watch Reduces Time Spent on iPhone, App Developer Finds

Apple Watch reduces time spent on iPhone, app developer finds.


Apple Terminates Monster’s MFi Agreement to Manufacture Licensed Accessories

Following Monster’s lawsuit against Apple owned Beats, the later has pulled the former’s rights to make licensed accessories for its devices.


Research Shows Apple’s Growing Presence in the Enterprise Sector

Research from analyst firm Telsyte reveals the usage of PCs and Macs in enterprises is currently on par.


Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones on Sale for 25% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]

Tired of never getting the right fit for earphones? Decibullz will change that.


Independent Record Labels Oppose Three-Month Free Trial of Apple Music

Britain’s independent record labels are claiming that Apple Music’s free trial could force them out of business.


‘Lara Croft GO’ Unveiled by Square Enix Montreal, Coming 2015 [VIDEO]

If you’re a fan of Lara Croft, Square Enix Montreal has a GO version coming later this year.