Apple Confirms WWDC17 Live Stream at 10AM PDT on June 5th

Apple has confirmed what everybody already expected: its WWDC17 keynote live stream will take place at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT on June 5th. (more…)

Big Music Labels Want to Stop Free Digital Music, Apple Wants to Help

Big music labels are not happy about how easily one can stream any song, any where these days, legally without paying.


Toronto Launches ‘Green P’ iOS App to Find and Pay for Parking

Residents in Toronto can now pay for parking from their iPhones.


Industry Canada Asks Court to Dismiss $1.2B Lawsuit from Mobilicity Investors

The Government of Canada has responded to a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Mobilicity investors.


Jony Ive Interview Sheds More Apple Watch Details

Apple’s design chief Jony Ive reveals more details about the Apple Watch.


Apple Joins Dow Jones Industrial Average on March 19, Replacing AT&T

Apple is joining the Dow Jones Industrial Average, replacing AT&T on March 19, 2015.


Wind Mobile Wins Licences in AWS-3 Spectrum Auction [u]

Wind Mobile increases its spectrum holdings with 180% by winning AWS-3 spectrum licences in BC, Alberta and Ontario.


Secret Early Apple Watch Access Granted to BMW, Facebook to Finalize Apps

Bloomberg cites Apple has given some top-tier developers early access to Apple Watch for app testing.


Apple Extends iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program to 2016

Apple has updated its iPhone 5 Battery Replacement program page with a revised date.


Imgur Relaunches Official iPhone App, Brings Card-Style Interface

Imgur finally re-launched its official iPhone app on Thursday which brings a native experience that makes the app a lot easier to use.


Koodo’s $45/month Plan Gets Data Bump to 750MB for Quebec

Koodo has made a slight change to their $45 wireless plan for Quebec users.


Hidden Lightning Port Found on Apple Watch, Will Only Be Used For Internal Development

The Apple Watch has a hidden Lightning port inside one of the channels where the watch band slips into place.


MyBell Mobile Updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Views Improved [u]

Bell has updated their MyBell iPhone app to support Apple’s newest iPhones.